Stan Lee Signed & Sketch Variant Opportunity

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Many of you know that Stan as a great writer, but he sometimes dabbles in doing doodles for fans.  Its a very rare occasion when he does, but at Salt Lake City Comic Con he was in a chipper mood and was able to sketch on one of our Amazing Spider-man #1.4 Fan Expo Variants.

Rather than selling it off and getting ridiculous money for it individually, we would rather have it go out to a random lucky fan!  We put together a signed and individual hand numbered set of the Amazing Spider-man #1.4 Fan Expo variant set signed by Stan.  But the kicker is that one of those sets will include the 1 issue that Stan Lee sketched on.   The set is LIMITED to 20 worldwide at $180.00 each.  This will come with our patented Authentic Holographic COA at no extra cost. Below is what the signed set will look like.  You will get matching numbers of course. 

One of those 20 sets will have the one where Stan signed and sketched his beloved rendition of Spider-man.  Here is a preview of what the sketch looks like:


This is a rare chance to get something like this.  It won't happen too often.  We will have the set on sale tomorrow at a random time, so make sure you like our Facebook page because thats where we will be announcing the sale.  

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