The Ultimate Stan Lee Memoir Package

Nov 27, 2015 0

For the holidays, we here at Stan Lee Collectibles are always trying to bring you guys the best deals and unique items from our Generalissimo.  So we decide to put together is unique package that includes his memoirs.  This memoir will take you all the way to the beginning of Stan's career.  We put this package together with the ultimate collector in mind.  

Here is what you get with the deal

  1. Stan Lee Memoir Signed By Stan Lee w/ Excelsior inscription & signed by Todd McFarlane
  2. Signed by Stan Lee 12" Das Toys
  3. Stan Lee Super Hero Shirt
  4. Stan Lee Busting out Super Hero Shirt


Getting an item signed by Stan with the inscription is super rare!  He doesn't do them now.  But we have it here for you at a bargain.  You will find many his inscriptions going for thousands on the secondary market, but not here.  We put together this value package that includes the elusive inscription plus his 12" highly detailed Das Toys and 2 shirts.  GET IT HERE RIGHT NOW


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