Amazing Spider-Man #177 Signed by Stan Lee

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Signed by Stan Lee

Comes with the official Stan Lee Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity


"Goblin in the Middle" Part 2 of 5. Script by Len Wein. Art by Ross Andru (breakdowns) and Mike Esposito (finishes). Cover by Ross Andru and Joe Sinnott. After saving Flash Thompson from a deadly fall, the wall-crawler takes a break (from his pursuit of the goblin) to visit his dear aunt in the hospital. Fortunately, Aunt May seems to be doing much better! Later that night the web-slinger hears about an underworld meeting taking place at the World Trade Center! The amazing one swings over to the twin towers ready to bust up Silvermane's party, but the Green Goblin gets there first! Is the goblin going to clash or collude with Silvermane? Either way it spells trouble for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!