Amazing Spider-Man #245 Signed by Stan Lee

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Writer - Roger Stern

Artist - John Romita Jr.


Signed by Stan Lee

This comes with the official SLC Certificate of Authenticity


Sacrifice Play!" Part 2 of 2. Fourth appearance of the Hobgoblin. Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Romita Jr. (breakdowns) and Dave Simons (finishes). Cover by John Romita Jr. and Dave Simons. The wondrous wall-crawler thinks he knows who the Hobgoblin is! Lefty Donovan! Who? Apparently the evidence from the police points in Lefty's direction! So the web-slinger conducts a relentless search! And in the skies over Times Square, the Amazing Spider-Man and the (suddenly super-strong) Hobgoblin clash again! Will this battle solve the mystery of the goblin's identity? Or just add to the puzzle?