Amazing Spider-Man #428 Signed by Stan Lee

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Signed by Stan Lee

Comes with Official Stan Lee Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity


Cover pencils by Steve Skroce. "Living Large!", script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Steve Skroce, inks by Bud LaRosa; Dr. Octopus attacks Spidey, although he no longer seems to remember Spidey's secret identity; The destructive battle decimates Lower East Side streets; Rose and Delilah escape; Carolyn convinces Ock to break off the battle; He topples an abandoned building forcing Spidey to save the bystanders while he and Carolyn escape; Madame Qwa demands vengeance for Master Zei's death; The Tarantula promises to provide it; Ock finds Angelina in a coma following the VR backlash (ASM #427, '97) and blames Spidey; Joe Robertson offers Jacob Conover his old job following orders from Norman Osborn who recently acquired half the Bugle (PPSSM #249, '97); Black Tarantula attacks Delilah, nearly killing her, but repairing her with a healing touch, all as a message to the Rose.