Fantastic Four #236 Signed by Stan Lee

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Signed by Stan Lee

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"Terror in a Tiny Town" Giant-sized 20th Anniversary issue. Script and Art by John Byrne. Cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin. It's a quiet autumn day in Liddleville, where Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm are going about their daily routines as a university professor, housewife, auto mechanic, and tavern owner, respectively. They seem to be leading idyllic lives, but what has happened to their super powers? There happens to be another person in Liddleville that the foursome knows very well...Phillip Masters (aka the Puppet Master)! Does the Puppet Master have the scientific genius to strip the FF of their powers and memories? Or could the deposed monarch of Latveria be lurking in the background? It's another classic Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom battle! Back up story: "The Challenge of Dr. Doom!" Script by Stan Lee.