Spider-Man Hobgoblin Lives #1 Signed by Stan Lee

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Signed by Stan Lee

Comes with Official Stan Lee Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity


"Victims" Script by Roger Stern. Pencils by Ron Frenz. Inks by George Perez. Wraparound cover by Ron Frenz and George Perez. The saga that roared through the Amazing Spider-Man title in the 1980's is reopened after Jason Macendale (aka the second Hobgoblin) tells the media that Ned Leeds was the first Hobgoblin many years ago! Only a handful of people including Peter, Mary Jane, and Betty know the truth! But what if they don't know the whole truth? Could Ned have been framed or brainwashed by someone else before he died? To the shock of the web-slinger's long-time fans...the original Hobgoblin resurfaces after having gone to ground years ago! And in no time at all the goblin gets back to doing what he does best: murder, extortion, and mayhem! Wow, history really can repeat itself! Death of Jason Macendale (aka Jack O'Lantern).