Thor #215 Signed by Stan Lee

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Signed by Stan Lee

Comes with Official Stan Lee Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity


Cover pencils by John Buscema, inks by Joe Sinnott and Frank Giacoia. "The God in the Jewel," script by Gerry Conway, pencils by John Buscema (layouts) and Jim Mooney (finished art), inks by Jim Mooney; Xorr causes a vibration that knocks everyone out; When they awake, they are deep underground; Meanwhile, Xorr tells Sif and Karnilla his origin; It then blasts off the asteroid, with the Asgardians and Mercurians in hot pursuit; They board their vessel and defeat the miners, but when Thor goes to rescue Sif, he realizes he cannot free her from the jewel without killing her. Appearances by Hogun, Fandral, Hildegarde, Heimdall, and Odin.